How Internet Marketing Can Help Scale Your Business

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There is a lot of competition for market share today between SMEs and large, well-established corporations. With globalization increasing, disruptive technologies emerging, and more consumer choices increasing, competition is on the rise. Fortunately, the internet offers a wide range of tools to ensure that every business has an equal chance. In today’s world, internet marketing […]

Adding Users to Your Google Business Profile Listing

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If you are the owner of a listing and you would like to add another user as an owner or manager, you may follow the process detailed below. This will allow you to give them access without needing to share your own personal account information. By designating them as an owner, manager, or site manager, […]

Does page speed affect SEO?

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SEO consists of a variety of building blocks. All of these building blocks bring in different additions to help improve your SEO and make your site more successful. Does this mean page speed is considered a building block and how does page speed affect SEO?  The short answer is that, YES, page speed does affect SEO. Google page […]

8 Steps to a Traffic-Generating SEO Strategy

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Most of you will have heard the term SEO thrown around in relation to digital marketing, online businesses, or internet circles in general. Regardless, you’d be surprised how many people simply remember those three letters but never really understand what they mean. If that’s you, we’ve got you covered, and if this is your first […]

How to Add or Claim Your Google Business Profile

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Google is the world’s most-visited website. The site currently holds more than 92% of search engine market share. Creating a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is an important way to attract new customers to your business through Google search and Maps. Google Business Profile Step-By-Step Instructional Video What is Google Business Profile (Google My […]

What Is Mailchimp And Why Do You Need It For Email Marketing?

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Mailchimp is a business-building platform that helps you use email to reach your target markets and grow your business. Within Mailchimp there are a number of tools that help you manage your mailing lists, create custom email templates and nurture all-inclusive marketing campaigns. Mailchimp has been tailored for enterprises looking to leverage this strategy with […]

What is Digital Marketing?

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I often get asked “What is Digital Marketing?” In layman’s terms, digital marketing is a specific form of marketing that is delivered through such channels as websites, social media, mobile apps, search engines, and email. By utilizing these forms of channels, the marketing can present and endorse a brand along with the goods or services […]

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile


Learn how to optimize your Google Business profile. Take advantage of this FREE way to gain traffic and customers for your business. This info-packed article will not only show you the ropes on how to quickly set up your Google Business Profile but will also give you 12 Optimization Tips You Should Know About Your […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Email Marketing

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This guide to email marketing answers one of the biggest marketing question you’ll face: “how can I get consumers interested and ensure they remain interested?” Recent statistics show that around 80% of customers are more likely to open and reply to permission-related email marketing campaigns. As a result, this email marketing campaign is a practical […]

Adults vs Teens: How We Use Social Media

How Adults and Teens Use Social Media Infographic

Teens and adults differ on a number of things, and social media is no different. How Adults and Teens Use Social Media Infographic shows how adults and teens stack up against each other when it comes to social media usage. Social Media Usage: Infographic Social Media is Changing Our Brain: Video It’s scary to think […]