5 Tips to Create a Small Business Website that Your Customers will Love

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A website is critical for success when you own a small business.  It allows customers to learn more about your products and services and provides a way for them to contact you.  However, having a website isn’t enough – it needs to be well-designed to be effective. You want to ensure that it accurately reflects […]

Google Helpful Content Update Rolls Out: 8 Things To Know


In the world of content marketing, there are times when you’re swimming in the pool of information and when the water can feel like ice-cold seawater.  Google rolled out its Helpful Content Update recently, which will help the search engine determine if our contents are “people first,” and it caused some waves among content marketers […]

9 Best Practices for Amazing Web Design


Many factors can affect the user experience and usability when designing a website. Using the best practices for amazing web design with factors including the color choice, font size, contrast ratio, navigation design, page layout, and more can play an essential role in how users perceive your website. The Internet is a great place to […]

Top Web Design Agencies in Toronto

Web Design Agencies

Starting a business is something that many people dream of doing, and even more so in today’s marketplace, where the ability to get a business off the ground with little capital can help you stand out from the crowd.  As technology advances and internet access becomes more prevalent, businesses become increasingly reliant on web design […]

62 Funny 404 Pages

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Running a successful website means staying alert for errors like broken pages or slow performance. However, sometimes there are problems that you just can’t avoid, and 404 errors are one of them. A 404 occurs when a user requests a page on your website that doesn’t exist, thus throwing a 404 error page prompting users […]

56 Amazing Award Winning Websites

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The internet is full of some amazing and inspiring websites. These special snowflakes are the ones who find innovative ways to utilize every possible design and technological boundary to their advantage to create experiences that many organizations wish they had. Finding these diamonds in the rough can be an incredible challenge, especially if you’re planning a website […]

30+ Real Estate Website Designs for Agents and Brokers

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The best real estate websites are polished and human. The agent should be front and center but content should be focussed on helping potential buyers and sellers. They’re designed to generate leads but they don’t use invasive pop-ups or demand visitors give up an email address to access content. Instead they are calm and available […]

What is Web Design?

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Designing is how ideas are collected, arranged, and implemented to align with a specific purpose or goal. Web design is no different other than the content created is displayed online on a web page and viewed on an internet browser. Continue reading to really understand What is web design. Web Design Inspiration When starting to […]